Awareness Program

  Makwanpur Recovering Group offers an exclusive awareness programs for community people, corporate sectors and schools & collages on Alcoholics & Drug awareness & behave changes due to stress, which leads to alcoholic/Drug dependence. Makwanpur Recovering Group primarily offers De-Addiction


Facilities Makawanpur Recovering Group’s facilities are housed in serene and upmarket area to make your stay comfortable, and fruitful. We have well appointed bedrooms, entertainment, recreational and fitness facilities to help you with recovery without feeling removed from your daily


Donate Donations are gratefully accepted. If you are financially contributing to the Makwanpur Recovering Group please be sure to reference that through the banking process.  To finalise the donation process, please send an email with your contact details to accounts


I think the therapists here and the clinicians are absolutely amazing; they really worked with me and supported me through the entire process.

Susan Gole


I enjoyed the whole experience. I am really grateful and feel extremely lucky and fortunate that I was able to complete the program.

Aakash Ghataraj

You know someone who needs us.

We look forward to walking with you as you take this first, most important step. Please give us a call today, and let us take it from there. +977057-520972

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